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Kid's Paint Sunday - Day of the Dinosaur
Dinosaur Costume.jpg

Our cameras caught this guy meandering through our studio, so we pulled out our best Jurassic Park moves and managed to wrangle ourselves a dinosaur. Before we find a zoo or somewhere to take him, we thought it would be cool to share some dinosaur time with you. He's super expensive to feed so we have to do this quick, join us April 30th for a "Post Extinction Event"!  The cost for this workshop is $12 and includes everything needed to create a fantastic work of art. 

This workshop is recommended for kids aged 7+. Younger children welcome to attend with parental assistance during the painting process. An adult chaperone MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE. Each child participating must have their own ticket. Adults are welcome to purchase a board for themselves to paint with the kiddos for $15, otherwise we also have a variety of projects on hand in the studio. Ballpark All Beef Hot dogs, a bag of chips, and a bottle of water (or juice box) can be purchased for $3.50 the day of the event.

We'll have Dino inspired Italian Soda's on sale for $4, FREE dinosaur temporary tattoos, and photo-ops with the T-Rex.  

Choose your design from below, then click the "register here" button to purchase tickets. You'll be asked for design choice and board color at registration.