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Join PictureThis Creative Workshop April 15, 2pm for a "Paint Your Pet" Workshop! Portraits are 8x8 mounted on a 12x12 board and framed. The cost for this workshop is $55 for one pet and then an additional $10 for each pet added (up to 4 pets). Board sizes increase by 12" with each additional pet


The types of pictures that work best are as follows:
Solid contrasting background (no other pets, grass, or distracting items). If your pet is dark, a photograph against a light background works well, and vice versa for lighter colored pets. The image needs to be clear with no blurriness. Please do not submit screenshots, thumbnails, or any image that you've added filters or stickers to. Originals work best. If we are unable to use the picture you submitted, we will let you know and request another image. 


To Register: From chart below please choose stain for 8x8, your backboard, and the frame (contrasting colors is recommended). ***Pet portrait outlines turn out best on lighter colored boards. Click on register here tab and fill out all required information. Submit a portrait of your pet(s) via email to

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