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Stove Cover Workshop 

Saturday, February 25th 2pm


Have you been eyeing those gorgeous stove covers but haven't committed yet? Here's your opportunity to pick the one you want and make sure it's exactly how you want. They are a fantastic addition as they are attractive and allow you to add a touch of pizazz to your space. They provide extra work area to your kitchen when your stove is not in use, AND keep your range relatively free of dust. They are a must have.

The cost for this workshop is $75 (+taxes and event fee). 


Our stove covers are solid quality pine that we sand, plane, join, then glue to create one solid board. We do this to ensure it is sturdy, won't separate with age, and keeps moisture and debris out of it. We want your project to last for years, hence why we take such care in making sure we've removed all pain points. We stain your board in the colors you choose, craft your stencil to include any personalization's, and have everything ready for you to complete the day of your workshop. Dimensions are 30x22 which is the standard for most stoves. Please measure yours before you order just to be sure this will fit. If you have an older stove with a constant pilot (meaning it's always hot where your pilots are) PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS!!! Stove covers are unsafe for this type of stove.

How this works: Click on link below to view our stove cover collection. Once you've picked the one you want, choose your stain colors. Then click on the link that says "register here". You will be asked for the board number at checkout so please make sure you have the correct one. 


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