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We're so happy you've chosen us for your creative endeavors! 

Watch this short video for step-by-step instructions. For a live transcription of the video, please click here

Scroll down for a tool checklist and other things we suggest to keep handy.


In Your Box

Here are the things included in your TakeHome Kit box:

- The primary color paints (red, yellow, blue), white and black paint, and Mod Podge

- Three one-inch foam sponges

- A regular paint brush

- A burnishing card

- A color mixing chart

- A piece of sandpaper 

- A hook for removing the stencil

- The stencil you picked for your creation

- The board you selected, pre-stained


- A cup of water to clean your brushes

- Paper towels or baby wipes

- Painters tape for the edges of your board

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