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We're so happy you've chosen us for your creative endeavors! 

Watch this short video on the process to get started and scroll down for step-by-step instructions. 


In Your Box

Here are the things included in your TakeHome Kit box...

1. The primary color paints (red, yellow, blue), white and black paint, and Mod Podge.

2. Three one-inch foam sponges.

3. A regular paint brush.

4. A burnishing card.

5. A color mixing chart.

6. A piece of sandpaper. 

7. The stencil you picked for your creation.

8. The board you selected, pre-stained.


Make sure you have what you need.

Before you start, make sure you have these important things in addition to what's included in your box:

  • A cup of water to clean your brushes between uses.

  • Painters tape (not necessary, but helpful).

  • Picks (dental picks or hooks) for removing the small pieces of your stencil after painting.

  • Paper plates or a pallet to mix colors.

  • Paper towels in case of spills.


Prepare your stencil.

Make sure your design is facing up and vigorously rub the stencil. Do this until all the edges are flat and the air bubbles are out. Then, flip it over so that it faces the board. Make sure the paper backing is facing you, then slowly peel away the paper backing to reveal the stencil.


Prepare your board and position your stencil.

Ensure your board is clean and free from debris. Position your stencil where you'd like it on the board. 


Apply your stencil to the board.

Once again, vigorously rub the stencil until all the edges are down, air bubbles are out, and the stencil is adhered.


Remove the transfer tape from your design.

Gently remove the transfer tape. If the stencil pulls up with the tape, lay the transfer tape back down and rub the area until it no longer lifts. Make sure all the edges of the stencil are free of air bubbles and well adhered.


Apply Mod Podge to seal your design. 

Once your transfer tape is off, open your Mod Podge and apply a thin layer of it to the inside of your stencil. Make sure you get all the edges. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes.


Begin painting.

Apply a thin coat of paint to your stencil. Allow it to dry completely before adding another. Drying should not take long if the coats are thin. To be safe, do not exceed three unless you feel a color is not pigmented enough.


Peel your stencil.

Once your paint is completely dry, begin gently pulling your stencil up. Pull it down and away until your image is exposed.


Weed out the small pieces.

Once the bulk of the stencil is removed, you will need to remove the small parts with your picks. Be careful not to accidentally hurt yourself or gouge your board.



Once you've finished removing the small pieces, you're all done! Add a wall hook to the back of your board or place it on an easel to show off your creation!

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