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Check Out My FAQs

How much is it?

Boards are $45 each unless otherwise marked. Some boards and services such as We Make It For You are subject to a $15 fee as they require more labor and/or additional hardware. 

Do you offer refunds?

What should I wear?

We offer refunds up to one week prior to your scheduled workshop.

What are your COVID safety measures?

In this challenging time, we understand the importance of social distancing and cleaning as we go. We thoroughly clean between appointments and ensure that there is no cross-contamination. Due to limited space and social distancing, we have limited our capacity to eight patrons per session. Families are not required to social distance. Masks are requested while in the studio unless you are having a beverage. 

Is there an age limit to attend a session?

We use a variety of acrylic paint, board stains, power tools, and metal hardware during workshops, so it is recommended that you wear working clothes. While we do offer aprons, we are not liable for stains or ruined clothing. Please do not wear your favorite shirt if you don't want to risk getting paint on it.

For the comfort and safety of all guests and staff, we allow children ten years old and up for our in-person studio appointments. For your young ones, we offer virtual workshops and take-home kits with instructions for you to DIY your hearts out. 

Can I bring my own drinks and snacks?

Should I tell you what colors, design, and stain I want to use in advance? 

For TakeHome Kits and any kind of off-site events, we need to know the stain in advance as we will not transport stain. For in-studio workshops, it is handy to know in advance but a necessity as you'll be applying them during your workshop. Due to the personalized nature of most of our projects, we must know your project and design choice upon scheduling your workshop so we have time to prepare everything.

Yes, you can bring your own snacks and drinks, but for the safety of guests and staff, we do ask that drinks are covered and that snacks aren't of the messy sort. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted during open workshops. Private Parties may bring in beverages of choice as our studio will not be open to the public during these times. 

What is your age limit for studio events?

Due to the nature of our business and the types of equipment and chemicals housed in our studio, we ask that children under the age 8 not be brought to the studio unless attending a private party (and then heavily monitored by their accompanying adults). It is our experience that even children under the age of 12 get bored fast and do not wish to remain seated for the duration of our normal workshops. For insurance purposes we cannot have children running around our studio, so please use discretion when choosing to bring your child. 

As we wish to provide a fun and therapeutic experience to all of our guests, we ask that distraught children (and adults) be taken out of the studio until calm. Though we realize this may be inconvenient, our process requires us to be able to instruct and answer questions without major disruption. Some of our events are Adults Only and will state as such in the event listing. 

For their safety, children under the age of 12 are NOT permitted at specialty events like our Candle Making and Spa Essentials workshops. 

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