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What's better than relaxing in the tub with a glass of wine and some good music? Measure your tub across and include them in the notes. Choose to have yours fitted to hold a stemmed wine glass or routed to accomodate a standard cup. Tub Boards can be customized to include your favorite quote, music lyrics, or small image. They are built to hold a phone or ipad without fear of it falling into water and have grippy pads on the under side to prevent the board from slipping. 


Width: Varies. Choose a width that is at least 4"-6" wider than the interior width of your tub. This will ensure that you have at least 2"-3" inches for the tray to rest on the sides of your tub.

The standard bath tub in the U.S. is 27"-30" wide on the inside. Larger tubs can range between 32"-45" wide so if you think you have a non-standard tub please measure before ordering. Protective sealer applied. Add's gloss.

Tub Board

PriceFrom $55.50
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