Fall/ Winter Dual Sided Porch Leaner Workshop
September 25th, 2pm

Fall is coming and shortly thereafter will be winter. What better way to prepare for the upcoming seasons than a porch sign that celebrates both?   For this workshop we're giving you 2 signs in 1. No need to find space somewhere to stash the one when you can simply turn it over and display the other.  The cost for this workshop is $70.00 and includes your 12x48 board, stencils, use of all materials needed to complete project, and step by step instruction. Simply choose your favorite fall and winter designs from the list below. You'll want to remember the numbers of the designs you want so you can enter them in during registration. Click on button below to register and purchase your project. 
*** Note: Outdoor signs will need be polyurethaned before outdoor use. Due to a shortage in availability we no longer offer poly in our studio as we cannot be guaranteed to have it.