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Mother's Day Fondue for 2, and Paint Night 

Taking care of another living being is a tough job. There's stress, there's worry, there's heartbreak, and in there with it is also pride, joy, and unconditional love. We want to celebrate all things Mom with a gloriously delicious Fondue dinner for 2 and paint night. Whether your children are biologically yours, human or otherwise, if you are loving, supporting, and a nurturing figure in anyone's life, then this day is for you. Join us May 10th, at 6pm. 

The cost for this event is $120 per duo. Price includes dinner for 2 and your choice of any 2 projects below to paint. Our Fondue Night's feature both cheddar and chocolate fondue. We always have plenty of goodies to go along with them like fruit, chunks of meat, steamed veggies, and more. This is an NA event. No one under the age of 16 permitted to attend.

Choose the two designs you want to paint from the projects below, pick your stain colors, then click the "register here" button. 

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