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Chunky Knit Blankets

Have you always wanted to try your hand at making those fabulous chunky knit blankets that are so warm and soft you could just burrow into them forever? Us too! Join us April 27th or May 11th to make a throw sized blanket with your hands! 


Master knitter, Donna Leigh will be here to instruct us through the process of making our very own ridiculously soft blankets. No needles, no "arms of yarn".  We'll have a hot tea bar and light refreshments set up for the duration of this workshop. Sessions take around 3 hours, so plenty of time for sipping and knitting! The cost for this workshop is $90 and includes 6 skeins of yarn, the tea and refreshment bar, step by step instruction, and a great time. Your blanket will measure roughly 40"x60" (this will vary depending on how tight you keep your loops). You may purchase additional skeins to take home and add to your blanket. Additional skeins must be ordered prior to workshop. 


Our supplier offers a nice variety of color but sometimes they do not have in stock the colors wanted when we need to place the order.  Please pick a first and second choice of colors. We will do our best to get everyone their first choice but cannot make guarantees! Due to die lots, etc, the colors may vary slightly from the photos. 

Our yarn is sold in sets of 2, so you may choose up to 3 colors for your blanket. 

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